About us

A Chinese company rooted in the West

Flex Three develops, tests, and produces high-quality electronic products. We are a wholly-owned foreign invested electronics company based in Hui Zhou, Guangdong Province, near Hong Kong in Southern China.

Our closest partners are located in Hong Kong and Sweden, and as a result we have a good knowledge of both Chinese and Western views on markets and business.

Flex Three is a one-stop shop

Our R&D is on the same premises as our production facilities. This allows us to offer fast, secure product development and manufacture with short lead times and no misunderstandings. Our European partners offer local support.

We manufacture products on both large and small-scale with two different units. This enables us to manage large volumes in continuous production for large corporations in USA and Europe. In parallel, we use our small to medium-scale production unit to make complex and specialized products for small to large international customers.

Our customers are demanding

We have customers in all kinds of industries, from consumer electronics to heavy industry and research. They expect top-quality products from us – nothing less. Electronics that have to work in harsh environments and be subjected to strong vibration, extreme temperatures, and high humidity are what we do best.

We also work with smaller start-up companies with plenty of potential for growth. Flex Three offers all the organization and quality that new companies need but do not have the time or resources to develop themselves. This usually means small to medium-scale production, but large-scale production is possible as well.

Our partners

We maintain close, well established partnerships with companies in both Sweden and Hong Kong. We work together with O-Network Engineering AB in Sweden on R&D and support for European customers. Logistic Service and Engineering Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong help us with logistics and sourcing.

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